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ICCCI Board Meeting Minutes. 10/27/2017, 07:00-09:00am
PLACE: 9640 Commerce Dr., Carmel, IN 46032

Caiqing Mo 莫才清(President 理事长)
Lin Li李林Past President (上任理事长)
Xianzhong Wang 王贤忠(Secretary 秘书长)
Renhua Li 李仁华(Principal of Chinese School 中文学校校长)
Maggie Zou 邹静(Treasurer 财务总监)
Keyun Qing 卿科云(Activity Director 活动部长)
Lei Wang-Lockwood 王蕾(External Relations Director 外联部长)
Sijiu Liu 刘四九(Co-Activity Director 活动部长)
Yugong Cheng 程裕功(Media and Communication Director 媒体部长)

I. Approval of the agenda
Xianzhong made a motion to approve the agenda and Caiqing seconded. Agenda was approved by all
II. Discussion items
1. 2018 Spring Festival Gala preparation (Fundraising, games, food, security, etc.) (Keyun and Sijiu)
Keyun suggested that Sijiu take more responsibilities for the preparations for Spring Festival Gala. Sijiu
and Keyun agreed to be in charge of stage performance for the 2018 Spring Festival Gala. Caiqing and Lei
will be in charge of fundraising. Renhua and Chinese School will be in charge of games. Maggie will be in
charge of ticket sale. Chinese School PTO will be in charge of security. The board discussed various ways
to provide meal for the evening of performance.
2. Update on Chicago Thanksgiving parade  (Lin)
Lin updated the board on insurance and other details of the trip to Chicago for the Thanksgiving parade. Sijiu
will check the list of participants for the trip. Lin said it may need one bus and one smaller vehicle for the trip
because of greater number of participants expected this year. Other members all chimed in on ways to
improve dragon dancing performance. The board approved a budget for purchasing 40 new shoes at a cost of
less than $30 each.
3. Discussion on property purchase by ICCCI  (Caiqing),  including price range, requirement for site and
location, property management and maintenance.
Caiqing raised the possibility of purchasing property for ICCCFs use. Yugong suggested ways to maximize
the benefit of property if purchased. Other members discussed pros and cons of ICCCI-owned property.
4. Lantern Festival. Discussion on ways to use the event for fundraising for ICCCI, need of volunteers,
complimentary tickets for volunteers.
Caiqing led the discussion about ticket sale in association with Tianyuan Lantern Festival Company. Ticket
sale will start immediately.

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