ICCCI Chinese School Tuition Refund Policy

Fees and Refund Rules

Registration FeeNone
Parent Duty Deposit$50
Late Tuition Payment Fee$30
Insufficient Funds Fee$34 (charged by the bank)
Processing Fee$10
Jinan Book Fee$25
Langlang Book Fee$50
Registration from 1st – 7th weekFull Tuition
Registration after the 7th week Prorated 

Tuition Payment

  • Tuition payment will be processed online during registration using PayPal and Debit/Credit card.

Late Payment 

  • Tuition payment must be received latest by the 1st ICCCI Chinese School day (4:00 pm.) of each semester. Otherwise, a $30 late payment fee will be charged. 

 Tuition Refund for Cancellation/Withdrawal from Class 

  • All refund requests must be submitted to the school administration in writing by filling out the cancellation/withdrawal request form.  Verbal notification to the class teachers, instructors or administrators will not be accepted. 
  • All refund requests will be reviewed and approved by the school administration. 
  • A $10 processing fee will be applied to the cancellation of registration/withdrawal from class. 
  • The textbook fee will be deducted if the textbook is not returned or has been written on it.
  • Refund will be made based on the following: 
  • The first week: Full refund – $10 processing fees.   
  • The second week: 50% refund – $10 processing fees.       
  • After the third week: NO refund.

Switching of Classes 

  • Switching between classes is only allowed once during the first 3 weeks of classes. 
  • Fees for switching language classes(Difference in tuition fees + $10 processing fee).   
  • Fees for switching between after-school classes(-Difference in prorated tuition + $10 processing fee).

Parent Duty Deposit (Please note the process for a refund of parent duty deposit) 

  • It is mandatory for every family to sign up for parent duty at least once a semester. Parent duty is important to help maintain the order of our school and ensure the safety of all our students. 
  • a $50 Parent Duty Deposit will be charged to every new family during registration.
  • Parent Duty Deposit will be transferred to the next semester if the duty has been performed in the previous semester.
  • Parent Duty Deposit will be forfeited if the required duty was not performed.  A new invoice of $50 will be issued next semester.
  • Parent Duty Deposit will be returned to parents if students no longer plan to come to ICCCI Chinese school.
  • Parent Duty Deposit fee will be reissued if students come back to school after the deposit has been returned to parents.
  • Please remember to sign in and sign out on the day of duty as proof of service.
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