ICCCI News and Activities

ICCCI Board Meeting Minutes
05/16/2020, 08:00-09:00pm

PLACE: Zoom Meeting

Quanbo Xiong 熊泉波(President 理事长)
Renhua Li 李仁华(Principal of Chinese School 中文学校校长)
Xianzhong Wang 王贤忠(Secretary 秘书长)
Wenqing Ye叶文青(Treasurer财务总监)
Sijiu Liu 刘四九(Activity Director 活动部长)
Lei Wang-Lockwood (王蕾 External Relations Director 外联部长)
Daniel Zhou 周华(Media Director 媒体部长)


I. Approval of the agenda
Quanbo made a motion and Renhua seconded. Agenda was approved by all members.
n. Discussion items

Quanbo reviewed the activities of ICCCI during the first four months of 2020. Despite the unprecedented
pandemic, ICCCI did its best to serve the community. ICCCI activity groups provided performance at
Purdue University West Lafayette, Pacers halftime show, IUPUI International Fest, Noblesville Elementary
School and Fishers Junior High School. ICCCI was a key player in soliciting donations to fight COVID-19.
ICCCI is in communication with sponsors of the 2020 Spring Festival Gala regarding the refiind/c any over of
donations received Quanbo also briefed other efforts of the board, such as the Carmel Chinese Garden. The
garden management and design team has been in good communication with representatives from ICCCI,
during which community5s idea/wishes are well respected.

1. Update on the ICCCI Chinese School (Renhua)
Renhua reported to the board the status of the Chinese School. Because of COVID-19, the School only had
seven classes at Carmel High School. During the stay-at-home period, a small number of classes were able to
continue online. The School is in the process of returning part of the tuition to students who were not able to
have online classes. The School is expected to have a financial loss in Spring 2020.

2. Election 2020

With the retirement of Renhua and Xianzhong from the Board at the end of this term, members discussed
various candidates to fill in the positions of the Principal of the ICCCI Chinese School and Secretary. Yuejun

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