Children Drawing

Children Drawing

Time: 3:00-4:00pm
6-8 years old
Location: Carmel High School
Teacher: Olivia Xiang
Teacher Assistant: leYing Yang
Room: E123




Teacher: Olivia Xiang

Teacher Assistant: LeYing Yang

Teaching Plans

This year, Miss Xiang will be teaching the Children’s Drawing Class. Currently, Miss Xiang is a junior in high school and has had a passion for art ever since she was young. As a result, she is not only a top student in her AP art class but also the recipient of many awards and nominations.
With her non-traditional teaching methods, she hopes to foster a sense of imagination and individualism within her students. She hopes that every kid will learn to enjoy and express themselves through drawing, and is very excited to be this year’s teacher!

Ms. Yang will be one of the teachers of this year’s Children’s Art Class. She is an incoming freshman at Carmel High School, and art has been one of her favorite pastimes since she was young. Ms. Yang has competed in various art competitions, winning a silver key in the Scholastic Art and Writing award. Through this class, Ms. Yang hopes to use to her knowledge to encourage every student’s interest in art, while sharpening their technical skills. Ms. Yang will help students identify their personal strengths and weaknesses, thus allowing them to become more accomplished artists. She is thrilled to be apart of teaching this year’s art class!


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