Jan 16: First day of school. (1) Online learning community building (including setting up Group media) + self into. (2) Review of Class rules and homework requirements. (3) Overview of new book 4B. (4) Review: Pinyin, color, and transportation (Extensive Reading一和万). (5) Start Unit 1安乐小窝lesson 1我的房间.

Jan 23Lesson 1我的房间Grammar: 把字句. Character writing. Extensive Reading: 在书店. Reading aloud: 在书店对话. Workbook homework

Jan 30: Happy Chinese New Year! No school

Feb 6Quiz: Lesson 1 characters. Lesson 1阅读:朗朗的房间 课堂练习. Rap Song朗朗的房间Extensive Reading: 在医院里. Project 1: (1) Writing on paper我的房间. Reading aloud: 在医院里对话.

Feb 13Lesson 2我的衣服Character writing. Grammar: Fact+因为clause. Cultural awareness: Privacy and appropriate discussion topics. Project 1 (2) In-class Handout和好朋友说说我的衣服. Workbook homework.

Feb 20Lesson 2阅读:我穿裙子漂亮吗. 课堂练习. Rap Song新衣服Extensive Reading: Medical Advances and change of practice; 古诗欣赏. Project 1: (1) Writing on paper我的房间. (2) Type up我的房间on class blog.

Feb 27Quiz: Lesson 2 characters. Unit 2 生活起居Lesson 3: 自己的事情自己做Character writing. Grammar: Asking for reasons为什么. Extensive Reading: 猜一猜; 我是谁. Workbook homework. Reading aloud: 我是谁对话.

Mar 6Lesson 3: 阅读:朗朗董事了. 课堂练习. Rap Song我的好妈妈Culture: Age-appropriate chores 1. Extensive Reading: 猜一猜; 雨雪. Reading aloud: 雨雪对话. Project 2: (1) Writing on paper我几岁会为自己做什么事情。

Mar 13Quiz: Lesson 3 characters. Lesson 4去超市Character writing. Grammar: 要……了;请问……怎么卖. Culture: Age-appropriate chores 2. Extensive Reading: student mini research; 壶盖为什么会动. Workbook homework. Reading aloud: 壶盖为什么会动课文.

Mar 20Lesson 4阅读:买菜. Rap Song我能帮助您. 课堂练习. Extensive Reading: 鲁班与锯子;视频. Reading aloud: 鲁班与锯子课文. Project 2(2) Writing on paper我在家帮爸爸妈妈做这些事情

Mar 27Quiz: Lesson 4 characters. Unit 3夏令营 Lesson 5你去过中国吗Character writing. Grammar: 听说; 因为……所以; V.+过. Extensive Reading: 蔡伦造纸. Workbook homework. Reading aloud: 蔡伦造纸对话.

Apr 3: Spring break, no school.

Apr 10: Lesson 5: 阅读:小米没去过中国Rap Song因为我想去中国. 课堂练习. Extensive Reading: 龟兔赛跑. Reading aloud: 龟兔赛跑对话. Project 2: (3) Type up 我几岁会为自己做什么事情and 我在家帮爸爸妈妈做这些事情, post on class blog.

Apr 17Quiz: Lesson 5 characters. Lesson 6别紧张Character writing. Grammar: 但是; 别着急. Cultural difference: Age-appropriate expectations. Extensive Reading: 小猫钓鱼. Reading aloud: 小猫钓鱼对话. Workbook homework.

Apr 24Lesson 6阅读:欢迎你们再来中国Rap Song难说再见. 课堂练习. Extensive Reading: 狼来了. Reading aloud: 诚实的孩子. Project 3: Writing on paper 朗朗小米再次回中国看朋友

May 1: Semester review.  Final project whole class prep.

May 8: Last day of school. Mini presentation. End of semester class badge rewards.

May 15: Summer break

NB: Subject to modifications

* Attendance is important: (1) it holds students accountable for their own learning, and (2) it is directly linked to learning outcome. In-class activities cannot be recreated after class no matter how well teacher recaps in email or how much parents work with students.

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