Teacher's Code of Conduct

ICCCI 中文学校教师行为规范

ICCCI 中文学校教师行为规范
(修改版 October 10, 2015)

Since ICCCI is a non-profit organization, the pay it could afford to teachers may be far from enough to compensate the effort you put into each class. Most teachers donate a significant amount of time in return for the fulfillment in promoting the Chinese culture. The students, parents and school administration team greatly appreciate it. The following guidelines have been established to help create a uniform standard for teachers within the ICCCI Chinese School and these are what we expect from our teachers:

1. 所有的中文教师和临时代课教师都必须向学校提供可以在美国合法工作的证件 ,并且没有犯罪记录。

Teachers and substitute teachers must provide school legal proof of authorization to work in the US and no criminal record in background check.

2. 对中文和课外兴趣班教学有热情,关爱学生。

学生们来学校的目的是学习。 请发自内心地关爱您的学生。当学生们感受到您的关爱时,他(她)们会学得更好。

Passionate in Chinese language and extracurricular class teaching and love students. The students are coming to your class to learn. Give them all the love and attention that you can. Kids learn better when they know that you care.

3. 请在每个学年上课的第一天举办家长会。

请各位教师利用家长会的机会向家长介绍您的教学目标和计划,进一步了解您的学生,并和家长建立良好的合作关系。请给每个家长发学校统一制作的表格,以掌握学生的基本情况和 联系方式。在学期中间,请根据需要和家长就学生的学习情况和课堂行为等进行沟通。

Hold a parent-teacher conference on the first day of class each school year. Communicating with the students/parents with your teaching plan and expectation at the beginning of the each school year will help you to know your students better and to establish a good partnership with the parents. Please give each parent/guardian the standard form provided by the school and use the form to get the basic information about students and their parents’/guardian’s contact information. Through the whole semester, contact parents periodically on students’ needs, progress or behavior issues as needed.

4. 请在开学的第一个月中,每周下课后将上课学生的名单发给注册主任, 以帮助学校追踪学生的注册情况。

In the first month of each school semester, please send your student attendance list to the Director of Enrollment to assist the school in tracking students’ enrollment.

5. 请各位教师注意维护您所使用的教室。 请尽可能避免从Carmel 高中反馈来的关于教室使用的负面信息。

Teacher is responsible for the classroom compliance, and should try every effort to avoid any complaint from the Carmel High School about the classroom usage.

a. 请在上课前15分钟到校,这样您可以用充分的时间检查教室并拍照。请在学生上课之前到达教室。

Arrive at school at least 15 minutes before the start of class, which will give you time to check the room and take pictures of the classroom. You need to be there before students start arriving.

b. 请在上课之前检查教室, 如果发现任何问题,请拍照以保留证据。

如果您发现任何问题 (比如桌椅有破损,地板脏乱等),请立即通知当天 值班的家长安全委员会成员。

Check your room before class and record any problems with photo proof. If there are any room problems (anything broken, dirty etc.), please notify the on-duty security PTO member immediately.

c. 请下课后整理您的教室。

请将教室恢复到上课之前的状态。请务必做到。 我们非常感谢Carmel 高中将教室借用给我们。 但是如果我们不能维护好教室的话,我们以后可能会有困难再续用该校教室。

Clean up your room after class. The room should be in the same condition as when you arrived. This is very important. The Carmel school system has graciously allowed us the use of their facilities. We could lose this privilege if there are problems.

6. 请每次上课都记录学生的出勤情况 。 如果学生 在没有通知教师的情况下 缺课,请和家长联系, 了解原因。 如果学生连续两次缺课,请 通知校长和教学主任。

Please check student attendance every week. If the student is absent for your class without any notification, please contact the parent/guardian. If the student is absent for two consecutive weeks, please report it to the school principal and the Director of Education.

7. 请每周给学生布置家庭作业 (学前班学生除外)

家庭作业的目的是鼓励学生在课后复习所学的知识。 请务必及时批改并将作业返还


Please assign students homework every week, except for those in Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten levels. This will encourage them to practice their skills outside the classroom. Be sure to grade the homework promptly and return to the students. There is a standard format for the homework assignment.

8. 请做到每周备课。


Prepare for class each week. Create a lesson plan that outlines your objectives for the class. Your lessons will be more effective if you are organized.

9. 请每个学期对学生进行至少一到两次 测试。

Conduct at least one or two exams each semester.

10. 请维护正常的教学秩序。


Please maintain discipline and order within your classroom. Treat your students with respect, but maintain control of the classroom.

11. 请临时代课教师的政策:

如果您暂时不能上课,除了紧急情况外, 请至少在两周之前通知学校管理人员或发邮件到 iccci@yahoo.com 。通常情况下, 学校管理人员会帮助您从备用教师表中请一位教师 来临时代课。除非您被要求自己找代课教师。

Substitute teacher. If for any reason you can’t teach a class temporarily, you are responsible for notifying the school administration or email iccci@yahoo.com at least two weeks before the class (except emergency). In general, the school administration will help you look for a substitute teacher from school backup teacher list unless you are told to be your responsibility to find one.

12. 如果教师有紧急情况突然不能来上课, 请尽量提前通知学校管理人员, 并尽可能通知家长。 如果教师在没有通知的情况下缺课,事后没有向学校提供可以接受的理由, 学校会对第一次出现这种行为的老师严重警告,当日教学工资扣除,年底的 教学奖金降一级。 对第二次出现这种行为的老师,学校会中止和该教师的雇佣合同。

In case of emergency and you need to cancel the class, please notify the school administration and possibly parents as soon as you can. If a teacher is absent without notification and without providing any reasons acceptable by the school administration, the school will give a serious warning to the teacher. The teacher will not be paid for the unexcused cancellation and the school will decrease the teacher’s bonus eligibility. If the teacher repeats the behavior for the second time, the school will terminate the teaching agreement with the teacher.

13. 请在每个学期结束时对每个学生进行学业和表现等的综合评价。


Prepare a student evaluation report at the end of the semester. Please consult the format provided by the school. It is important to give good feedback to each student to help them improve in the future. The student evaluation report should be submitted to parents/guardians within a week after the last class.

14. 请配合家长教学委员会的听课活动。

每个学期临近期末时,家长教学委员会会组织听课。 听课的目的是更好地了解每个课堂的教学情况, 帮助教师更好地提高教学质量。 教学委员会会把听课评估结果逐一反馈给每位教师。

Please allow the PTO Education Committee to observe your class. Once every semester, the education committee will organize a class observation near the end of the semester. The purpose of this observation is to have a better understanding of each class’s teaching/learning environment and teacher/student communication so that we can ultimately improve teaching quality. The PTO Education Committee will report the evaluation result individually to each teacher.

15. 教师辞职。

除了特殊情况,教师不能在学期中间辞职。特殊情况包括您必须搬家到外地或其他学校管理层可以接受的理由。 同时,您必须在辞职前14天, 最好是在一个月前, 以书面形式通知学校管理层。如果教师有不当行为或教学质量达不到学校要求, ICCCI 有权提前终止教师合同,并在终止合同的14天之前通知该教师。

Resignation Policy. You are not to resign from your teaching position in the middle of the semester unless you are moving out of town or there is a special reason accepted by the school administration. In that case a written notification to the school administration is required at least14 days, but preferably 30 days,in advance. The ICCCI Chinese School will notify applicable teachers about their teaching agreement termination 14 days in advance if an inappropriate behavior occurs or if the quality of the teaching is compromised.

16. 如果教师下学期被学校安排教学不同年级,请在本学期结束后将新课本归还给学校。

课本是由学校提供给教师教学使用的,是学校的财产。 如果您提前辞职,请在最后一次课结束后将课本归还给学校。

Since textbooks are provided to you for teaching purposes and considered the school’s properties, please return all unused textbooks at the end of \ the semester only if your teaching assignment for next semester has been changed by the school. If you resign earlier, return the books on the last day of your teaching to the school.

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