Frequently Asked Questions​


How do I get involved in ICCCI?

ICCCI is solely run by volunteers and supported by volunteers. You can become involved in ICCCI by becoming a Board member, ICCCI School Admin, joining various culture activity groups, or simply participating in ICCCI events as a volunteer.


How do I become an ICCCI member?

Once you have volunteered in an ICCCI event or donated over $50 to ICCCI, or you have enrolled your kids or yourself to ICCCI Chinese school, you become an ICCCI member automatically. Please register on ICCCI website to receive future event information and Newsletter.


How much is the membership fee?

While we encourage members to donate to support ICCCI, joining ICCCI is currently free.


How do I donate to ICCCI?

You can make donations directly on our website https://indychinese.org/donation/, write a check, through United Way, The Benevity Community Impact Fund etc. As is a non-profit organization, ICCCI will send a receipt for your tax exemption purpose.


How do I enroll my kids or myself in ICCCI Chinese school?

Please refer to School curriculum https://indychinese.org/chinese-school and email ICCCI@yahoo.com, or ask in ICCCI WeChat groups for further information.


Any other ways I can support ICCCI?

There are many other ways you can support ICCCI. ICCCI is a recipient of Kroger Community Reward Program. You can link ICCCI to your account with ICCCI organization code: RU593. Kroger will make a donation to ICCCI every time you shop at Kroger. If you are an Eli Lilly employee, you can earn Lilly volunteer grant for ICCCI. Please refer info@indychinese.org for details.

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